Thursday 5 November 2015

How to get more business in London

Here at Brayford Numbers I have a lot of switched on businesses that want to have a presence in the ever-thriving London market.
One of those is The Homemover Specialist, based in Surrey. They purchased a London 0207 number, which we pointed to their existing landline, for their website. This was done to make it really clear that they offer their relocation services to people (and there are a lot of those in London!) coming in and out of the city. I personally think it gives a way more established feel to their company too:

By using an 0207 number on PPC advertising specifically targeting the London area a company also minimises the chance of potential clients questioning your actual whereabouts. I mean, heaven forbid you be from outside of London, right?! 
But in all seriousness, if you want to grab London's attention an 020 number is the way to go. And there are even 3 types to choose from:
  • 0207 - central London
  • 0208 - greater London
  • 0203 - all of London, but has more of a fresh feel (great for tech companies)
Want more business in London? Give Emma a call to discuss our London number ranges. Rental prices start from just £5 + VAT
Tel: 020 7458 4456

Monday 2 November 2015

No telephone number on your website?

Looks like you will be losing business then... 

I recently undertook some personal research to see whether having a phone number on your website was necessary anymore. What I found out: having a telephone number is actually quite crucial. 
But what about communication over email or social? Well, it would seem that most customers don't want to be pushed into a channel. They want options. Even if they take the 'e' route or submit an online form, having a telephone number on your site instills an initial sense of trust like no other route of communication can. It's direct and actually allows you to reinforce a relationship. How many of you have waited ages to get a reply from a form submission? And once you get a reply, how personable is it in reality? 
I don't deny that there are major brands out there that don't advertise a contact number don't necessarily alienate their customers. BUT these companies, such as ASOS, have a huge number of staff dedicated to returning complaint emails and tweets instantly. And I mean INSTANTLY. Can your company really deliver that level of service?
Further, what number you have really matters. Many customers feel a sense of warmth if you provide them with a freephone number (or at the very least a UK local number), rather than a premium number which seems to get their back up - especially if they are calling with a problem. Advertising with a mobile lacks gravitas. 
Customers also like to see your number clearly at the top every page or at the very least at the top of the homepage. If you hide the contact us page at the bottom it can seem a little unfriendly.
Think you need a telephone number for your website tout suite? Call me to talk about affordable telephone number options that can point to your existing mobile or landline: 0207 458 4456 

Thursday 13 August 2015

You wouldn't turn up to a job interview in jeans

I mean you could. Some creative industries wouldn't have it any other way. 

However, I would say that 90%+ of interviewers wouldn't be impressed.

Wearing jeans at an interview shows little respect or effort for the person or company that you are standing before. 

Advertising your business with only a mobile number is the equivalent of wearing jeans at an interview. It says:

  • I am unprepared
  • I have made little effort
  • I am not taking this seriously 

Take your business seriously. You have set yourself a challenge, so reward that by presenting the most professional image that you can.

Start by advertising with a landline number. 

Thursday 23 July 2015

How tracking numbers save your business cash

Tracking numbers for some reason are a real hidden secret in business and they shouldn't be as they are guaranteed to save your business money, time and effort in the long run with your marketing. 

This video is only two minutes and I can guarantee if you print any marketing material for your business and apply this rule YOU WILL SAVE MONEY or at the very least spend it more wisely. 

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Gamma hits clients with a £20 minimum spend

What do you do when your supplier of Non Geographic numbers introduces a low usage minimum billing charge of £20 to a fixed term contract?

We have recently been contacted by customers of Gamma Telecoms to ask if it is possible to migrate their number(s) to ourselves due to what they believe is an extremely unfair minimum billing charge of £20 which comes into effect May 1st 2015. The customers have explained that they have entered into a 5 year contract and in order to leave their existing supplier they would have to pay the monthly amount x the amount of months left on the contract which includes the monthly price increase.

Ofcom has addressed this matter and below we have posted a link to their site which we hope will be of help.

The key is to contact your current supplier asap so 30 days does not lapse before a response is received by your current supplier.

While Ofcom does not deal with individual complaints you are entitled to log a complaint and if everyone who is affected by this rate increase does, it cannot go unnoticed.

Brayford Numbers in no way encourages consumers to break the terms and conditions of their contract with another supplier we do believe that some changes are just plain unfair.

As a footnote Brayford numbers operates on a 30 day rolling contract, no low usage charges, competitive rates and great customer service, but don’t take our word for it move over and join us and see for yourself. Only pay for what your use!

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Top 3 reasons why your customers won't contact you

1.) They CAN'T because there is NO PHONE NUMBER 

This may sound ridiculous to most people in business, but we come across it all the time. Businesses that don't advertise a contact telephone number. At all.  

Take a step back and consider what the experience of filling out a contact form/sending an email and then waiting for someone to get back in touch with you feels like. Amplify this by pretending you have an urgent problem or enquiry. 

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

2.) Business line is a mobile number

I must admit that this is marginally better than having no number at all. However, it still bugs me. I see it a lot with people in the trades and I know why - you guys are always on the go so using your mobile makes sense. What you need to think about though is the message that this is delivering. It can raise questions like - is this person going to be reliable? Have they had many clients before? Do they have the right skills? Essentially - can I trust this business? 

We come up against people saying "I can't afford it". You can - take a look at our infographic and you might just surprise yourself. 

4.) 08 numbers

08 numbers are great if you are B2B where people are calling from landlines or can justify the costs more easily, but B2C they suck. A whopping great 93% of the UK owns or uses a mobile and they don't like expensive calls. If you want to cater to this huge market you need an 0333 number which is inclusive of mobile minutes. 

Rule of thumb: MAKE IT EASY. 

We are going to make it easy for you by giving you three months rental free of any number of your choice until the end of February. Call us to get you set up now: 0207 458 4456

Friday 16 January 2015


I deal with a lot of smaller businesses here at Brayford Numbers and I always like to look at your website and social media presence.

I think it is fair to say that most sole traders or SMEs have a Facebook business page or Twitter profile because they think they have to "keep up with the times".

There is absolutely no point in having one though if you a) haven't posted since 2012 or b) it's looking rather shabby aesthetically.

I can't help you with the first one unfortunately because posting what you are up to in business can only be done by you!

So, why don't you make a promise to yourself and try and tweet/post something on Facebook at least once a day:
  • let us know where you or your colleagues are
  • show us what you are working on (Instagram is also a fantastic tool for those of you in the trades - let's see pics of your great work!)
  • boast about big clients/jobs 
  • ask customers to tweet/write a post on Facebook about you if you have done a good job
A post/tweet takes seconds, but really does help people make informed decisions about your company.

So - how is your Twitter or Facebook account looking?

The cover photo at the top of both platforms is an essential piece of branding. It acts the same way as a sign above a shop - it needs to look great so it lures you in so you don't move on.
Is your cover photo suffering from:
  • what? - we have no cover/profile pic
  • pixelated photo(s)
  • photos are cut off
  • compressed images

Look at the difference between these:

We can create you a professional looking cover photo for a one off fee of £25 + VAT, per platform (Facebook or Twitter), which could last you a life time!

Interested in finding out more? - call us now for a free consultation: 0207 458 4456 

How much do 0333 numbers cost to call from a landline or mobile?

Watch Emma, one of the directors here at Brayford Numbers, explain the cost of calling 0333 numbers and discuss why you should consider changing your 08 number in today's mobile market.

Let us know your thoughts or if you have any questions.

Screen shot of whiteboard:

Thursday 8 January 2015


Cash flow is always a problem for any business, no matter what size. Make sure you get paid on time or on completion of a job with a super affordable mobile chip and pin terminal.