Thursday 5 November 2015

How to get more business in London

Here at Brayford Numbers I have a lot of switched on businesses that want to have a presence in the ever-thriving London market.
One of those is The Homemover Specialist, based in Surrey. They purchased a London 0207 number, which we pointed to their existing landline, for their website. This was done to make it really clear that they offer their relocation services to people (and there are a lot of those in London!) coming in and out of the city. I personally think it gives a way more established feel to their company too:

By using an 0207 number on PPC advertising specifically targeting the London area a company also minimises the chance of potential clients questioning your actual whereabouts. I mean, heaven forbid you be from outside of London, right?! 
But in all seriousness, if you want to grab London's attention an 020 number is the way to go. And there are even 3 types to choose from:
  • 0207 - central London
  • 0208 - greater London
  • 0203 - all of London, but has more of a fresh feel (great for tech companies)
Want more business in London? Give Emma a call to discuss our London number ranges. Rental prices start from just £5 + VAT
Tel: 020 7458 4456


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