Tuesday 28 January 2014

Virgin pioneering free calls to 08 numbers from mobiles...

As ever, Virgin Media are leading the way in the telecoms market with their new Pay Monthly SIM only - the VIP Plus

This tarriff allows unlimited calls to 0800, 0870, 0845 and 0808 numbers, as well as unlimited calls, text and data for just £18 a month. 

This new deal is an extension of their previous and the UK's best seller - the VIP, which saw unlimited text, data and calls for only £15 a month. 

Now that Virgin Media have launched such an incredible deal it will be interesting to see what mobile networks surely follow their lead. 

It seems that there has never been a better time to invest in an 08 number for business.

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Friday 24 January 2014

What mobile customers neglect that costs them business...

Purchasing a non-geographic number or local number to advertise with is a great step towards making you and your business look more professional. 

So don't let yourself down with your existing mobile network standard voicemail. 

When a client calls your NGN or local number and you cannot answer your mobile, there is nothing more confusing than hearing 'This is the X voicemail service for 0.7.....' 

Some customers can even feel tricked and therefore - understandably so - won't want to use your services. 

Call us on 0800 433 4838/0207 458 4456 or visit our Voicemail page to learn more about adding a professional voicemail onto your existing number.

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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Choosing between an 0800 and 0845 number...

Call charges effect whether a potential customer calls or doesn't. Most want the call to be free and at the very least the same charge as a local rate call.

When it comes to business benefits, providing an 0800 or 0845 number could mean the difference between getting and not getting that call. 

With either type of number you are providing a helpful and courteous service from the offset.

So what are the differences?

The advantage of both numbers is that they are non-geographic - they mask your actual location - making your business appear larger, with a national presence. 

An 0800 number is widely recognised as being completely free to call from any UK landline, giving an edge over competitors who don't offer this level of service. 

An 0845 number is charged at the same rate as an 01/02 call from any UK landline and are a lower cost option for your business. 

It is important to note that calls to 0800 or 0845 numbers from mobiles are much higher, so it also helpful to advertise a mobile number alongside them. However, a much more professional alternative than advertising a mobile would be to also have a local number

Talk to us today about purchasing your 0800/0845 number and multiple number discounts: 0800 433 4838 or 0207 458 4456

Monday 20 January 2014

Why VOIP isn’t the best choice for businesses wanting a non-geographic number

At Brayford Numbers, we are continually asked about VOIP in relation to our services.

Many potential clients come to us saying, “Is your service not free? My friend has a number for free – what is that?” Most of the time, this isn’t the case.

PC to PC is usually free – i.e. over Skype or Instant Messenger.

However, if you want a non-geographic number there will most likely be incoming call charges. These can be cheaper, but you have to factor in the equipment needed to make and receive calls with VOIP, as well as Internet bills and more importantly it's functionality.

VOIP, instead of using circuit switching like traditional call services, uses packet switching. This means data is divided into small packets, which are then transported over the network.

This is the first disadvantage of the service. The reassembling of the data over the network can lead to broken and patchy calls, which makes your company sound unprofessional and unreliable. 


You need to purchase a VOIP phone

No additional equipment or wiring is necessary

Incoming charges for non-geographic numbers

Incoming call charges tend to be slightly more expensive than VOIP, but you are paying for connection quality

On top of incoming call charges, you will have to pay for Internet line rental, plus your number rental (in most cases)

You only pay a small charge for your number rental on top of incoming call charges

Most VOIP companies do not allow you to choose your non-geographic number

We let you choose your number and if you can’t find what you are looking for on the site we are more than happy to search further for you

If the internet goes down, your phone line goes down (and if you don’t have an additional landline or mobile you won’t be able to contact your internet provider to sort the problem)

If your telephone line goes down you can instantly point your non-geographic number to another landline or mobile

Most VOIP providers don’t allow you to call emergency services

You can obviously do this on your existing landline or mobile

How 0800 numbers work for your business...

An 0800 number is a non-geographical number that is pointed to an existing landline or mobile number. 

To have an 0800 number you don't need an extra line, wiring or any special equipment - you just need to provide an existing number for the 0800 number to be pointed at. This can be either a UK mobile or landline. 

You may also point an 0800 number to an overseas line - costs vary depending on the country.

What's really beneficial to you as a company is that an 0800 number allows customers to call you for free from any UK landline. This in turn shows that you care about providing a convenient service for your clients.

It is not free to call 0800 numbers from mobiles at present. However, it is frequently reported in the media that Ofcom are in the process of trying to change this in the near future. See: The Guardian article

You are charged for calls that are made to your 0800 number, but this isn’t as costly as you would imagine.  

What’s also convenient about an 0800 number is it can be pointed to different numbers during your day. When you are in the office you can have it pointed to your business landline and when out of hours to your mobile or even a voicemail to email. This rerouting service should always be free of charge, so be wary of companies that try and charge you for this service.

If for any reason the phone lines in your office go down you can quickly point your 0800 number to another working landline or mobile to avoid missing business.

Also, if you move premises in the future you just take the 0800 number with you by pointing it to your new landline. No need to change your advertising, stationary, email signatures etc.