Wednesday 28 January 2015

Top 3 reasons why your customers won't contact you

1.) They CAN'T because there is NO PHONE NUMBER 

This may sound ridiculous to most people in business, but we come across it all the time. Businesses that don't advertise a contact telephone number. At all.  

Take a step back and consider what the experience of filling out a contact form/sending an email and then waiting for someone to get back in touch with you feels like. Amplify this by pretending you have an urgent problem or enquiry. 

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

2.) Business line is a mobile number

I must admit that this is marginally better than having no number at all. However, it still bugs me. I see it a lot with people in the trades and I know why - you guys are always on the go so using your mobile makes sense. What you need to think about though is the message that this is delivering. It can raise questions like - is this person going to be reliable? Have they had many clients before? Do they have the right skills? Essentially - can I trust this business? 

We come up against people saying "I can't afford it". You can - take a look at our infographic and you might just surprise yourself. 

4.) 08 numbers

08 numbers are great if you are B2B where people are calling from landlines or can justify the costs more easily, but B2C they suck. A whopping great 93% of the UK owns or uses a mobile and they don't like expensive calls. If you want to cater to this huge market you need an 0333 number which is inclusive of mobile minutes. 

Rule of thumb: MAKE IT EASY. 

We are going to make it easy for you by giving you three months rental free of any number of your choice until the end of February. Call us to get you set up now: 0207 458 4456

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