Monday 17 March 2014

We believe in great customer service

Here at Brayford Numbers we believe in great customer service. 

As a customer you will have:

- a dedicated account manager - no call centres!

- the option to call us for free from a landline on our 0800 number
- a guaranteed same-day service on most number set-ups 

Need more? We are always open to suggestions on how we can serve you better. 

Friday 7 March 2014

Toll free and freephone numbers

When the States releases a new toll free prefix the numbers quickly get snapped up. They just released 1-844 in December 2013 and these numbers probably won't be around for that long. 

The first release of toll free numbers in the United States saw the birth of 1-800. Since that time the fast growing need for consumers to call free has seen 5 more prefixes released.

The following US toll free prefixes are as follows:

We all know what happens in the US eventually crosses the water and happens in the UK.

Freephone numbers have proven to be successful for both US and UK businesses.The demand for 0800 freephone numbers in the UK is increasing all the time while at the same time the availability to be able to purchase a 0800 freephone number is diminishing. It is for that reason we encourage businesses to choose 0808 freephone numbers while the supply, selection and price couldn’t be better.

0808 numbers

0808 Numbers were introduced in 1997 to add additional selection of numbers to call free from landlines.

Are 0808 numbers free to call?

Yes, from most landlines. Although not as widely recognised as 0800 freephone they are becoming more popular as the choice of memorable 0800 numbers has been greatly depleted.

In July 2015 mobile phone companies will be required to make calls from mobiles free. This in turn will increase the demand for freephone numbers. The time to buy a Freephone number has never been greater and the time to buy a memorable 0808 number has never been cheaper. Next year the demand will increase dramatically which means so will the price.

Thursday 6 March 2014

Google Places don't like 08 numbers

To be towards the top of a Google search without paying for ads or paper click you need to sign up for Google Places. To do this you need a telephone number. Google does not like 08 numbers, i.e. 0800/0845/0844. If you already have one of these - why not purchase a virtual local number (01/02 numbers) to put there instead?
We found this today at Lucidica:
Tip 6 – Get a local number: Google Places doesn’t like non-geographical numbers if you have an 0844, 0845, 0870 or 0800 number you are going to be a step behind. If you’re based in London get an 020 number, Birmingham a 0121 number.