Wednesday 20 January 2016

GoDaddy – thinking global, but acting local

How GoDaddy has effectively used UK local numbers to keep clients happy, whilst maintaining an authentic voice for their brand.

An exceptional use of local telephone numbers was recently brought to my attention at an Engage for Change breakfast seminar given by Melanie Chevalier on global consistency vs. local relevancy.

At first appearance it would seem GoDaddy – an American company and the world’s largest domain name register – has a 24/7 UK support team in Birmingham, Glasgow and London.

Why would you think this? Simply because they have an 0121, 0141 and 0207 number on their contact us page.  

However, when you ring any of the above numbers a charming American accent awaits you as their support team is actually based in Phoenix, Arizona.

By providing not one UK number (an action that would have put them above most US-based companies in terms of customer service levels), but THREE numbers they actually get even “closer to home”. 

This is a fantastic example of how a huge global company has truly thought about its local relevancy by making it free for us Brits to call them (and a whole bunch of other countries for that matter!, whilst maintaining its US identity.   


Have you encountered any companies abroad that provide a similar or even better level of customer service? Or alternatively, have you ever felt a company overseas should have picked up the cost of your call? 

I would love to hear from you: