Friday 16 January 2015


I deal with a lot of smaller businesses here at Brayford Numbers and I always like to look at your website and social media presence.

I think it is fair to say that most sole traders or SMEs have a Facebook business page or Twitter profile because they think they have to "keep up with the times".

There is absolutely no point in having one though if you a) haven't posted since 2012 or b) it's looking rather shabby aesthetically.

I can't help you with the first one unfortunately because posting what you are up to in business can only be done by you!

So, why don't you make a promise to yourself and try and tweet/post something on Facebook at least once a day:
  • let us know where you or your colleagues are
  • show us what you are working on (Instagram is also a fantastic tool for those of you in the trades - let's see pics of your great work!)
  • boast about big clients/jobs 
  • ask customers to tweet/write a post on Facebook about you if you have done a good job
A post/tweet takes seconds, but really does help people make informed decisions about your company.

So - how is your Twitter or Facebook account looking?

The cover photo at the top of both platforms is an essential piece of branding. It acts the same way as a sign above a shop - it needs to look great so it lures you in so you don't move on.
Is your cover photo suffering from:
  • what? - we have no cover/profile pic
  • pixelated photo(s)
  • photos are cut off
  • compressed images

Look at the difference between these:

We can create you a professional looking cover photo for a one off fee of £25 + VAT, per platform (Facebook or Twitter), which could last you a life time!

Interested in finding out more? - call us now for a free consultation: 0207 458 4456 

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