Wednesday 18 March 2015

Gamma hits clients with a £20 minimum spend

What do you do when your supplier of Non Geographic numbers introduces a low usage minimum billing charge of £20 to a fixed term contract?

We have recently been contacted by customers of Gamma Telecoms to ask if it is possible to migrate their number(s) to ourselves due to what they believe is an extremely unfair minimum billing charge of £20 which comes into effect May 1st 2015. The customers have explained that they have entered into a 5 year contract and in order to leave their existing supplier they would have to pay the monthly amount x the amount of months left on the contract which includes the monthly price increase.

Ofcom has addressed this matter and below we have posted a link to their site which we hope will be of help.

The key is to contact your current supplier asap so 30 days does not lapse before a response is received by your current supplier.

While Ofcom does not deal with individual complaints you are entitled to log a complaint and if everyone who is affected by this rate increase does, it cannot go unnoticed.

Brayford Numbers in no way encourages consumers to break the terms and conditions of their contract with another supplier we do believe that some changes are just plain unfair.

As a footnote Brayford numbers operates on a 30 day rolling contract, no low usage charges, competitive rates and great customer service, but don’t take our word for it move over and join us and see for yourself. Only pay for what your use!