Monday 23 June 2014

Virtual numbers on vans

Whether you are an electrician, plumber, pest controller, removal man, painter or plasterer it is likely that you use a van. 

This van becomes a great way to market yourself, whether you are driving through town or parked outside a customer's house. 

Have you ever thought about the number that you have displayed on that van and how it is perceived by potential customers?

Take a look at the picture - who would you call and why? What impression do they give? 

Over 97% of people asked at The Business Show, ExCel London said that they would not call a business that solely advertised with a mobile phone number. Yes, your business might be very mobile, but that doesn't mean that you are not a professional - so you should want to display a professional image. 

You can rent a number with any UK prefix and point it to your existing mobile phone (no additional equipment necessary) so you can answer calls on the road without having to compromise your business' image by advertising solely with a mobile number. You could even have an 08 number, i.e. 0800 or 0845, which give an established feel. 

What's even better? It isn't as expensive as you may think. 

Call us today on 0207 458 4456 or 0800 433 4833 to discuss our number ranges in relation to your business needs 

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