Thursday 19 June 2014

Some advice for those in the beauty business...

Working for yourself in the beauty industry can be highly lucrative, but it is a tough game. You are competing for clients with other sole-traders as well as salons with a huge client pool.

How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Your website design is crucial as well as your presence on social media, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. You have probably spent a lot of your marketing budget on all of these, right? Not even Facebook is really that free any more with the introduction of Facebook Ads! 

What most in the beauty industry do is then go and put their mobile phone number as their business contact. 

You have to ask yourself: when you see a business advertising solely with a mobile number on an ad or website what do you immediately think about that company? It's ok to be a sole-trader - in fact we love you guys! But, you are professionals and you should want to display a professional, established and trustworthy image.

Did you know you could have a business landline number that points to your mobile or existing home landline? So, if you are in Manchester you can have an 0161 number that points to your mobile. You don't need any extra equipment and if you lose your mobile you can just redirect the number instantly. 

Virtual landline numbers attract customers and immediately instil trust in your business practice. They are also more affordable than you think!

Call us today to chat to us about our number options on 0800 433 4838 or 0207 458 4456.

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