Friday 25 April 2014

5 Tips To Finding The Right Virtual Telecoms Provider

1. Contracts
Is the provider asking you to sign a 12-24 month contract? You don't need to commit yourself - look for providers that give you a 30 day rolling contract, especially if you are a start-up business. Nothing stings more than paying for a service that you no longer have a need for.

2. Package deals
Be wary. Work out  roughly what you think your call volume will be, especially when starting a business, before taking a package deal. If you are paying £15 for your number and unlimited minutes and you get 15 calls at 2 minute you will be paying 50ppm - 15 x 2mins = 30mins / £15 = 50ppm.

3. Are you being charged to call the provider's customer service line when using a mobile
Chances are that if you have a virtual number you are pointing it to a mobile. So, what happens if you have a problem on the go? You shouldn't have to shell out to call an 08 number to get your problem sorted.

4. Account manager
Look for companies that have a dedicated account manager for your account. It can be problematic being passed from department to department and not to mention costly if you are calling an 08 number from your mobile.

5. Cost
In a highly competitive market it pays to shop around and look for the best deal. If you are wanting multiple numbers you should be eligible for a discount.

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