Tuesday 22 April 2014

5 0800 Number Myths Busted

1.  You have to pay for another fixed telephone line to receive the call
No - you do not need another designated line to receive calls on your 0800 number. The number can be pointed to your existing mobile or landline number.

2. I will need to buy an additional mobile as I want to differentiate between business and personal calls
No - need to buy an additional mobile just add “call announcement” which lets you know “this is a business call”. See: http://bit.ly/1lzvMwV 

3. Companies get a rebate when an 0800 number is called
No - certain numbers do receive a rebate or make money, but not 0800s. 

4. An 0800 number cannot be called from outside the UK
No - you can call from abroad by just dropping the first 0 so the number becomes 800 xxx xxxx and putting the country code 44 in front of the number so it becomes 44 800 xxx xxxx. The call may be charged so it is always a good idea to check costing with your carrier.

5. 0800s are free to call from mobiles
No - but by July 2015 they will be! 


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