Tuesday 11 February 2014

Why call package deals aren't as good as they seem...

The reason we don't offer call package deals is simply this:

Say you set up an 0800 number with a £10 per month call package. In the first month you forward your calls to your mobile and receive 5 calls at 2 minutes each. That's 10 minutes and a charge of £10. You are being charged £1 a minute!

Our call charges are 8ppm + VAT to a mobile = 96p (incl. VAT) in this exact case.

That's a saving of £9.04 on your call charges! 

Also, most of the time call packages mean contracts. If you carried on with this volume of calls for the rest of the year your total charges would be £120. We would have charge you just £11.52 (incl. VAT).

You could have saved £108.48.

At Brayford Numbers we believe in fair charges based only on what you use.

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