Monday 24 February 2014

Our solutions for pop up and mobile businesses

At Brayford Numbers we love pop up and mobile businesses - food vans, florists, beauty, retail, restaurants, ping pong, club nights (to name but a few).

If you aren't in a permanent space or are constantly on the go that doesn't mean that you are only left with your mobile number to advertise your business with.

Here at Brayford we have more professional-looking options for you guys:

What about an 0800 number pointing to your mobile for you foods vans? This means that wherever you are parked customers will presume you are local, which increases your chance for repeat business. Also, with online call stats you will be able to measure the success of your vehicles placement or any advertising/social media campaigns you run. 

Nail technicians that pop up in different stores from time to time - how about a virtual local number for your website that you can point to your mobile when you are a resident in someone else's store so you never miss bookings?

A local number is also a great option for restaurants who are popping up, especially in places far from their fixed premises or that may not have fixed phone lines. Point your virtual local number to the mobile of a staff member on site for a convenient way to take bookings and attract locals when advertising. 

If you are only going to pop up for a little while we fully support that. No 12-24 month contracts here. All we need is 30 days notice and we will cancel your number. 

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